Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Anarchist Free University

boing boing points to Anarchist U in Toronto.
Anarchist U uses wikis to collectively organize courses among students and instructors, then offers ten classes over ten weeks according to the agreed material from the wiki.
  • I wonder if this is a model for missional-focused theological education?
  • Is this a possible direction for the Bible College movement?
Just some thoughts & questions.
What do you think?


Walking Church said...

How about running Sunday School in this manner!

pastor mike said...

I not sure that goes far enough. "Sunday School" as it is understood by many has too many negative connotations. I think, that for many, Sunday School is:
a) for kids
b) for people to listen to some expound on their favourite topic

I'm thinking of something that is much more interactive, discovery focused.

Walking Church said...
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Walking Church said...

I was thinking it would be a way of separating wheat from chaff! roaring. Those who are interested in growing verses the parasites that are consuming oxygen.