Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Greatest Canadian Invention

CBC has been showing Top Greatest Canadian Invention. Everything from the Java Programming Language to the Robertson Screw [those of you south of the border need to start using these], 5-pin Bowling, Basketball, Birch Bark Canoe, Lacross, Goalie Mask, Instant Replay [it looks like we are really into sports] Check out the site for all 50.

These types of shows are a mixture of interesting [we get to see some interesting things] but they are also a little odd [Poutine #10 and the Bloody Caeser #12 scored higher than the Canadarm #13]

Here are the Top 5 Inventions:
5 - Wonder Bra
4 - 5-pin Bowling
3 - Light Bulb
2 - Telephone
1 - Insulin


michael lewis said...

But don't americans think they "invented" all that stuff?

pastor mike said...

maybe... but we did
[that's canadian... "we" take credit for what other canadians have done]

maybe there's an arrogant worms song in here