Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jazz & Grace

A couple of quotes on jazz, grace, and the chaos of leadership from Dan Allender. He uses the phrase "leadership chaos" - Dee Hock, founder of Visa, uses the term "chaordic".

After using an example where he names the chaos of leadership "juggling flames chain saws", he writes:
...we'd prefer shutting the chain saw off and dousing the flames. But to do so creates the monotony and rigidity of having only one "style." While such an approach offers order, it singles out the one way as inherently the best or the right way.
The answer is found not in "seeking consensus" but in
...creating an environment where creativity and counterintuitive thinking is valued... [which] allows for greater grace when things don't work as we'd hoped they would....
...Jazz offers a profound example of grace. Jazz musicians are not merely playing any note they wish. They do not abandon logic, structure, or rationality. The art lies in the musician's fundamental playing skills thet push them to engage not just a musical score but one another.

Leading With A Limp, Dan Allender, 2006, p.92.

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Roger von Oech said...

"juggling flames chain saws"

What a great image. Thanks for highlighting this book.