Friday, January 12, 2007

Living the Trinity

Have you ever heard someone say, ”all you need is a personal relationship with Jesus to be saved, not a church, not beliefs, just Jesus?” I certainly have. And the more I live as a Christ follower, the less I like that formulaic statement.

  • It's a very limited statement.
  • It keeps people isolated, when we are called "brothers and sisters in Christ".
  • It confuses "personal" with "private". This privitized "Jesus and me" faith sounds good, unto you start reading the Bible.
Have you ever noticed that when you read through the book of Acts the idea of coming to faith in Christ is always connected to coming into the ‘Church’. The language used to describe the Church in Acts 2 is all about community. To be like a God who is Triune - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - is to be in community / relationship with other Christians.

Christianity is much more than a privatized faith. The Trinity is not simply a theological doctrine, it is the expression of God’s nature. As men and woman created in God's image, we reflect something of this trinitarian nature. To be without community means more than being lonely or loneliness, it means being less human, less like God.

We are called, as Christ followers, as disciples indwelt by the Spirit of God, as His church, to live the Trinity. This is at the core of being missional and authentic.

So how then, can we / do we, as God’s new people live out his Triune nature in our communities?

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