Friday, May 18, 2007


I've been reading Static by Ron Martoia.

We went to a faily new church in town last sunday... their tag line is:
No Religion, No Tradition, Just GOD!
But the worship & message time was full of churchy language.
  • Why do we use language to build walls rather than bridges?
  • Why do we use words that are so loaded with baggage that we no longer know what they mean?
  • I'm not just talking about using an older translation [one of my pet peeves is people who absolutly love the KJV but who a) fail to realize that the KJV of today is not the same KJV of King James;
    b) & when you ask them to read a passage, stumble all over the words, because they don't really know what it says].
  • I'm talking about words like good news, which either means
    a) you're going to hell; or,
    b) here are 4 spiritual laws for you.
  • or how about are you washed in the blood; born again; saved; redeemed; consecrated communicate clearly

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