Thursday, August 30, 2007

Music To Drywall & Paint By

Here’s the CD’s I’ve been listening to while working... sorted alphabetically.
The guy is here laying carpet today, so I'm taking a bit of a break... I have a sermon to get ready for Sunday.

Alan Maitland – Short Stories: Fireside Al

Audra Lynn – Fading

Beatles – One

Bob Dylan – Modern Times

Bob Dylan – Modern Times

Brian Doerkson – Amberwynde

Brian Doerkson – Holy God

Dave Brubeck Quartet – Live At Carnegie Hall

David Ruis, Chris Jansen & Iain Lovatt – Wash Over Me

Deliriou5? – Cutting Edge

Deliriou5? – King Of Fools

Deliriou5? – Touch

Dennis Jernigan – A Mystery Of Majesty

Dizzy Gillespie – Groovin’ High

Don Francisco – Balladeer Tales

Dr. Draw – Train 64

Dvorak – Complete Slavic Dances – Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Dwayne & Jennifer Roberts – One Thing I Desire

Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man And The Sea – read by Frank Muller

Hillsong – God He Reigns

Hillsong & Delirious? – Unified:Praise

Jason Upton – Great River Road

John Coltrane – A Love Supreme

John Coltrane – Blue Train

John Coltrane – Live At The Half Note

John Michael Talbot – 15 Of His Favorite Worship Songs

John Michael Talbot – Living Water

Juanita Faas – Attitudes

Jules Verne – Journey To The Center Of The Earth – read by David Colacci

Julie Meyer – Longing For The Day

Kish Johnson – Within

Larry Norman – Children Of Sorrow

Larry Norman – Snapshots From The 77 World Tour

Miles Davis – Kind Of Blue

Miles Davis – The Complete Birth Of The Cool

Moe Koffman – Devil’s Brew

Morningstar – Worship

Morningstar – Fly Me Like The Wind

Morningstar – Glory

Morningstar – In The Spirit

Passion – Our Live Is Loud

Passion Live – One Day

Phil Keaggy – Cinemascapes

Rich Mullins – Songs 2

Robin Mark – Revival In Belfast 2

Ruth Fazal – Fire Of Love

Ruth Fazal – Joy In The Night

Ruth Fazal – Who Is This? Vol 1

Soundtrack – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Stephane Grapelli – Improvisations

The Beach Boys – All–Time Greatest Hits

The Quintet – Jazz At Massey Hall

Theolonious Monk – With John Coltrane Carnegie Hall

U2 – Go Home

Various – Constant
Various – First Love: The Music Of Contemporary Christian Music Pioneers

Various – Mix Cd: Jason & Rachel

Various – Sessions Jazz Instrumental

Various – The History Of Jazz

Various – The Number 1 Jazz Album

Victor Borge – Live(!)

Vineyard – Believe

Vineyard – Free To Fly

Vineyard – I Love Your Presence

Vineyard – International Worship Sampler ‘02

Vineyard – Winds Of Worship: Holy

Vineyard – Winds Of Worship: Live From Sweden

Woody Allen – Standup Comic

Wynton Marsalis – Classic Wynton

Yvonne Parks – Only One Love

?? – Apostolic Prayers


In Christ Alone said...

That is a lot of drywalling and painting done...and a nice mix of music to tape or brush by. Music can make any activity enjoyable.
In Him

Anonymous said...

Paint by number you say...mmmm...enjoyed those enormously as a kid...RoG