Monday, July 07, 2008

house hunting

We spent much of the weekend house hunting in Orillia.
We thought we had a couple of possible agents lined up,
  • one was more out of town focused
  • the other did not have an associate who could step in
So we drove around a bit on Friday to get our bearings,
went into an agency - who had no one available all weekend, but printed off details for 40+ homes for us and went on some drive-bys to narrow things down.

We went into to another agency who had someone available,
we talked about homes & what we are looking for.
He lined up 11 homes for viewing on saturday in 2 sessions

Then we came back for 3 more on Sunday afternoon

Still nothing that strikes our fancy
[not really interested in $229,000 - needing about $30,000 worth of work]

so, we have raised our price point...
we'll see what happens next

God has led so far... there is a house out there for us... that we can afford... which eliminates any of the links my daughter sends me!

i.e. this one


Anonymous said...

Have you considered a 'granny flat'?


mike said...

who you calling "granny"?

michael lewis said...


Everyone knows that Janice is older than you!

And I think that "granny flats" have married and grandchildren living within the same walls.

You don't have either of the granny flat is out.

The house in the photo is nice. Perhaps you could take in waifs and strays with better jobs and try to make a profit off your charity? But would it be charity then? Hmmmm.

michael lewis said...


That's supposed to be "married children and grandchildren".

Walking Church said...

I think you and Janice should live in the basement of your kids house in Orillia!

Giggle...okay open laughter

Scott said...

How about tenting? That would put you through till fall anyways.

Anonymous said...

How about a cardboard box?

mike said...

you guys have such "wonderful" ideas!

Walking Church said...

There is always room in the manger!!! ROTFL