Thursday, October 23, 2008

blue jays

The Jays are not playing...
[The Leafs golf in the off-season... do the Jays go skiiing?]
but we remember 15 years ago today
What a great game & a great ending

The Jays will probably play for the World Series again before the Leafs play for the Stanley Cup


In Christ Alone said...

I remember this time in baseball like it was yesterday. The memories of the game are great, but the memories of watching the Jays win with my family, especially my one son and his father....just like yesterday. Thanks for the link...the pictures bring it all back.

In Him,

Tim Good said...

Thanks for the link... great memories for sure

nadine said...

Fifteen years ago?! And I remember it so well. I am officially old.

P.S. I want to send my future children to a school like the one I went to, where they play the "Okay Blue Jays" song every morning before the National Anthem.