Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Donald Miller's latest book "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: what I learned while editing my life" is a book well worth reading. It's a book about story - and he tells some great stories in this book. But it's much more than a series of stories. It's about the story/stories that we live. It's about writing the story that we live. Miller takes the ordinary and the not so ordinary things of life and makes it come alive. He takes us on a journey into story and especially into the meaning and role of conflict in story. Conflict is what we avoid, but Miller leads us into an understanding that what is boring in life is because we avoid conflict.

If you are a writer; this book might help put Robert McKee's "Story" into easy to understand segments - there are times when "A Million Miles" reads almost like a writing guide.
If you like looking for theological statements you can disagree with; you will probably find them here.
If you struggle and are looking for hope or are sick and tired of simplistic answers; you just might find something here to grasp onto.
If you are bored with life; you just might find inspiration to write a better story for yourself.


Scott said...

And he's coming to Waterloo to autograph it.

Sorry, no Orillia this time...

mike said...

I think Nathan will be there to see/hear him