Monday, November 23, 2009

somebody said a prayer

It is well known that I am not a big fan of country music. But, in spite of that, I love a good story, and this Billy Ray Cyrus song tells a great story. As Dan Wilt says...
"It speaks to the timeless theme of mourning, death, and hope reborn. Responses to grief – hopelessness, lingering sadness, despair and courage to go on – all are encased in a simple story told in mixed media."
We need storytellers, songwriters, film makers, media painters, and artists of all genres to tell the glorious Story of Hope – in a million ways.

via dan wilt


nadine said...

I can't believe that the father I once rebelled against by sneaking to a friend's house to watch Billy Ray Cyrus music videos is now POSTING ONE OF HIS SONGS.

Victory :)

Scott said...

Don't tell my heart, my achy breaky heart
I just don't think he'd understand

That you needed to do rebel to listen to such quality music.

Anyway who is Mike kidding, all this "I'm not a big fan of country music" and then he continues to post country related things on his blog.

I bet he's listening to some quality steel guitars right now.

Walking Church said...

shame...oh the shame...

Walking Church said...

shame...oh the shame...

mike said...

People... including country music lovers :-) Read the post... I posted the clip because of the story. I can accept a good story even from a country music boy :-)

Scott: now there is steel guitar jazz:

WC: I have not gone over the dark side :-)