Monday, December 19, 2005

The Election

I said I wouldn't post much on the election. But it is also important that we be informed. Here are some national news websites that are covering the election.The media coverage of the four so-called "main" party leaders (included in the debates should be any party that is running close (90+%) to a full set of candidates) often sways public opinion. There is often little input from the local party candidate in a particular riding. Though it is important to vote based on a party's platform, it's also important to find out what your local MP does!! Most MP's have their own websites. (And I think most candidates have their own websites too.)

My friend Michael Lewis [apologies to him for the missed reference in the original post] pointed me to this site: How'd They Vote? A detailed and useful source to find out how your MP has voted in the last parliament, and what your MP has said in the House.

The official party websites in alphabetical order are. Nodice lists these additional parties.
If I have missed an official party that is running candidates please let me know. There may be independents running. The Natural Law party is deregistered.


The Righteousness of God said...

I believe I know why they call themselves'party' - cause that's what is done when you win! Why govern responsibly when you can party!!!

I wish we had a bloc contender in my riding - I would vote for them. I want to separate too! My guess is the west will go before Quebec.

It is great to see such a diversity of parties. Although, I see nothing that tickles the cockles of my heart and adequately protect my values. Then again this is not my true home ;)

pastor mike said...

I have heard a rumour that the Rhinoceros Party might be getting back into the game - please yes!

michael lewis said...

Geez. Did you just just cut and paste that from my site? At least give me credit.

The electoral system is flawed when one province decides the government. I'm fed up with having eastern governments who serve the interests of Ontario only.

To promote national unity, the capital should be moved to the middle of Canada: Winnipeg. That way, no one is further away from the capital. And then we'd clean up Ottawa and put them somewhere they would fit in nicely.

Don't vote Liberal.

pastor mike said...

Sorry about that Michael - I did have that notice in, but then i added some stuff, and i accidently deleted it - sorry