Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mysterious Ways

Timbo @ A-Team blogs...
Every Pentecostal knows that 100 years ago a revival began at the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles (for more on Azusa Street, this book has all the details). Lesser well-known manifestations of the Holy Spirit include the 1994 Toronto Blessing, which, interestingly, followed Blue Jay outfielder Joe Carter's game 6 walkoff 3-run homerun to end the 1993 World Series (you can see the raising of hands [I wasn't aware of this link, but seeing the picture makes it obvious!]). But the most significant contemporary manifestation of Spiritual Power occurred here. You can definitely feel the Spirit moving. . . in mysterious ways. [turn up the speakers!]


Scott said...

Haven't heard that Ray Stevens classic in a while. I wonder how Sister Bertha Better than you is doing this days.

Being so close to Laurel Creek, maybe we should try integrating some wildlife into the service. As this song proves, who knows what might happen.

pastor mike said...

I had never heard this song before - it's a riot or it least it is with squirrels.
We had some skunks on the property not too long ago - but we don't want them - they raise too much of a stink!