Monday, August 28, 2006

puppet masters

Natala posts this on puppet masters.
in life i think we sometimes chose to be a puppet. be it through religion, or relationship, through the media. we refuse to think for ourselves, we refuse to take personal responsibility, blaming the one who controls us.

i've seen it time and time again, especially where god is blamed for the most irresponsible of actions "god is leading me" simply is or acts to replace "i have decided". even stupid decisions are more respected if responsibility is taken.
she refers to this this interesting video, and then says:
i wonder how many times i've been a puppet, or how many times i've been the puppet master. who do i attempt to control, and who controls me? i think it's essential to be aware of all of it. to know what is going on. in the god realm, i don't really believe that god directs people as the church (at large) has lead people to believe. i really don't think god is a big puppet master. i do however think that people are god's puppet master, giving god words, telling others what god is saying or not saying. we've become the puppet masters to god, i don't think we are gods image at all, but somehow we (as humans) have made god in our image. (i think plato also said something along those lines.)

so many people just move god the way they would like god to be, ignoring the parts about loving everyone, about ways to treat the poor, the children, prostitutes and sinners.

perhaps it is why i don't like christianity much, it seems that i've never been one to want to worship anything that is so easily manipulated.

i have been learning though in my time in our new community, of god in an entire new way. a very large and beautiful way, a creative way. a god that is beyond simply leading people from here to there, or voting a certain way.

that's the god i want to learn how to worship.

yet glimpses of this other god, that i used to worship come up in my life, the one that is so easily manipulated and controlled. the one you can put words in, and convince people that you are being told something.

and i wonder if it is now an entirely new god that i've learned about, or that i'm learning about. because all of it continues to seem so new, and so impossible to grasp, that it is all that i'm left with. perhpaps before i was simply worshipping the puppet i had created, or perhaps i was the puppet that the church had created.
either way, sometimes the puppet world is not all it is cracked up to be. there is something to be said for being free, and making your own decisions, there is something very beautiful and yet haunting about it.

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