Saturday, December 30, 2006

the end of drive-throughs?

Japolink [a car blog] notes that the
city fathers in Hamilton, Ontario, are mulling over proposals from eco-activist group Environment Hamilton to cut down on emissions by in part, halting construction of new drive-through windows in theh municipality, as well as gradually shutting down existing in-car service portals over an unspecified period of time. However, the government doesn't think that they'll be able to shutter the existing windows, although they apparently agree with most of the group's 10-point plan for the destruction of convenience and improvement of Hamilton's air quality.
An article in the Dundas Star News gives more details.

Can't you hear the complaints about how this takes away people's rights to sit in their gas-guzzling Hummers while they wait for their 4x4's [4 creams & 4 sugars] in their coffee; or their choice of fat-laden fast-so-called-food!?

What a great land we live in!


michael lewis said...

I recently had guests over, and when we were deciding where to go to eat dinner, they wanted cheap, because they only had $25 in their "eating out" budget.

I maintained that there was no decent fast-food place in general, and none that we could walk to, yet there were several great caf├ęs and bistros to which we could walk.

"Oh, we can drive; we've got lots of money left over in our gas budget."

Needless, I enforced the strict walking policy.

Only to get a lecture about how much of a slidden "christian" I am because I'm so liberal....though I try to be a steward of ecology by walking (not owning a car even), and eating only locally produced foods.

pastor mike said...

Good for you for enforcing the walking policy. Caring for the environment is not "liberal" it is our responsibility as christians.