Monday, February 19, 2007

end of civilization...

Mark Sanborn brings us this:
“We interrupt our coverage of Anna Nicole…”

Breaking news has temporarily disrupted 24/7 coverage of Anna Nicole to inform us:

Brittney Spears has shaved her head.

You may all now return to contemplating the end of civilization as we knew it.


Anonymous said...

big deal over nothing. Outward appearances...for crying out loud!

Brittany can shave the rest (every inch) of herself as far as I am concerned.

I have 50 year old men at my company who shave their head and it is accepted. Get over the over-analysis. It is hair...nothing more than hair.

signed a guy with a pony tail...God forbid you would have a man of God with a pony tail!!!!

p.s if Jesus shaved his head would their be such a contraversy? Who knows maybe he did!

RoG of walkingchurch.

pastor mike said...

RoG it was meant to be tongue in cheek... a comment on the meaningless of so much of what passes for news.

Anonymous said...

I know. I had a chance to watch the American media yesterday over analyze the behaviour of this twenty something another. It was simply whorish malicious gossip.

Who cares? If they did why not ask her why she did cut her hair.

Rock n Rock is all about shock, rebellion: Beatles mop tops, Punk and piercings, Rap and violence. Many have simply 'died' out - literally. So what is new under the sun. It has gotten old.

But here is some real juicy 'christian gossip': word on the street has it that Bill and Gloria are going to release a CD in conjunction with Snoop Dog. Bill is growing his hair out, very long while Gloria is working a blue rinse mohawk. The question is now a matter of how much bling they can gather to go up against the Snoop!!!