Friday, May 04, 2007


There’s simply no explanation for something like this.
It can only be experienced.
[embedding has been disabled for this video - you need to go to the link to watch it on ou YouTube]

The Believer’s Heaven

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart OR those that hate cheesy, churchy stuff. Then again, maybe it’s only for people that hate cheesy, churchy stuff.

This has been floating around for a few days.
via Tony McCollum


Anonymous said...

I believe he was one of our guest speakers at Tyndale Seminary.

I was looking for the tinman, the lion and the scarecrow near the end...I don't think we are in Kansas anymore!


michael lewis said...

That is AWESOME!!!

This makes up for the disappointment of SM3.

In Christ Alone said...

Oh was like a dream of mine...oh no was an experience of mine just a few days ago. Some people may not be as blatant about it, but they still see (or don't see is the point), this kind of thinking as not really stinkin'.
In Him,

mike said...

The scary thing is....
this guy is real