Sunday, May 06, 2007

waterloo region worship

Almost 600 people filled the gig last night [Saturday] for an evening of worship.
A few inpressions:
  • there were people of all ages there;
  • people were there for worship;
  • there was an artist painting during the worship;
  • a spoken word piece was powerful on justice;
  • the quality of the worship band / leaders was excellent;
  • the team fit together well, modelling something of the unity that is ours in Christ.
The next worship event will be in February.

Mission of the Waterloo Region Worship Network
  1. To provide worship leaders with discussion opportunities for relevant, worship-related topics that will elevate our worship ministries.
  2. To support each other and share songs, music, conference information etc. via e-mail.
  3. To initiate Region-Wide Worship Celebrations.
  4. To help facilitate local worship conferences.
  5. To worship together, pray for our region and each other which will enhance relationships among the worship leaders of Waterloo Region.

1 comment:

michael lewis said...

Isn't February a year away?

How would this be different from a beatnik café or a hippy commune's Saturday night? I mean, aside from the religiosity of it all.

Not attempting to slag them, but I find that the church has difficulty in coming up with a unique or original idea on how to gather. It's all been done before.