Tuesday, May 15, 2007

kids and church

Neil Cole has an article here: What About Kids in Organic Church?
I haven't finished reading the whole article but here is a quote that needs to be proclaimed loud and clear and often.
"when a child receives Jesus he doesn’t receive a Jr.-sized Holy Spirit and a Jesus action figure to play with. He receives the full-power of the Spirit of God and is no less spiritual than any adult."


Philip said...

Experiance has told me so far, that it is far easier to proclaim the value of kids in regards to church and full participation and it is another thing to actually make it actually happen in the practical. Regards :)

mike said...

I agree that it is easier to make the statement than to live it out... I'd love to hear how you have seen it lived out.

On the other hand, we still need to proclaim the vaule of kids as part of the church when so many places do not make room for children.