Wednesday, May 16, 2007

no lens camera

OReilly has a article about Berlin-based artist Sascha Pohflepp's Buttons is a camera that takes other peoples' pictures:
"It is a camera that will capture a moment at the press of a button. However, unlike a conventional analog or digital camera, this one doesn't have any optical parts [...] The camera memorizes only the time and starts to continuously search on the net for other photos that have been taken in the very same moment."

This simple project is the prime example of how networked objects allow us to sample off each others experience, memory and ultimately senses. The backwardness of the interface is the twisted proof that our own experiences -- even the physical -- increasingly only gain true value when intertwined with the experiences of others.
The more personal sensors we add, the more we'll each be a remix of the collective experience.

More info, pictures and a video here.


Anonymous said...

there are some things i just simply want to forget!


michael lewis said...

That is one of the dumbest things I have seen.


Meaningless materialism!

(Are they for sale in Canada?)

mike said...

RoG just think with this camera you can not take pictures of what you want to forget and see different pictures!

michael you really want one don't you!?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a virtual narcotic. Roaring Out aloud.

I am in with Lewis on this one - 'meaningless materialism' destined for the landfill. The swamp land in Florida is a far better deal...Gators and all.