Sunday, September 02, 2007

random 19

In light of my painting this last week, maybe I should have been listening to this...
for this and other vintage album covers: dark roasted blend

We always get a kick of some of David Curuso's lines on CSI Miami... especially when he stands sideways and puts his classes on. Some of these lines have now been assembled into a
video of his worst lines.

I found out about freedom fest after the fact... too bad... artists included: Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, and, II Guys from Petra.

Alfred Peet, who founded Peet's Coffee & Tea and opened its first store 41 years ago in Berkeley, died Wednesday at his home in Ashland, Ore., the company said today. He was 87.
via San Francisco Chronicle

You can't buy a Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle standards, PZEV for short in 42 states. MSN auto.

Ron Mueck is an Australian born London-based photo-realist artist. His parents were toy makers. He worked on children's television shows for 15 years before creating special effects for the 1986 film as Labyrinth.

He then started his own company in London, making models to be photographed for advertisements. Now he's creating on his own and showcasing his work in places such as the Royal Academy, the Millennium Dome in London and the Venice Biennale.

Who said statues can't be fun? From a statue of Optimus Prime, to a Mona Lisa made of computer chips, here are 27 of the most bizarre statues of the world.

Weird Weight Converter. Sometimes you just need to know how many eyeballs it would take to make up the weight of let's say, a baby grand piano. It's like the wikipedia of weighty things.
(1 baby grand piano = 8465.7504 eyeballs)

This is one way of building an office. TNN

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