Friday, September 14, 2007

Skip is back

Some of us grew up with the music of Lighthouse - the 13 piece rock 'n' roll band formed in 1968 by jazz composer Paul Hoffert and rock drummer Skip Prokop... Lighthouse produced five successive gold or platinum albums that garnered the band numerous Juno awards, including Best Rock Group (1970, 71, 72) and Record of the Year (One Fine Morning).

Well, Skip is back with his son, Jamie, and a new band Mercy Street.
Their blend of Acoustic/Electric rock will sooth the hardest of hearts and pound on the softest with their groove-based material. They have just completed there first recordings in studio and have released to the public an EP that they have requested be copied, shared, and given away at no charge...

Their web site and myspace page both offer the free downloads.

It looks like their first gig is change conference at Queensway Cathedral (Toronto) in October.

Mercy Train - web site
Mercy Train - myspace
Race Records
Lighthouse discography
Lighthouse history

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