Saturday, October 13, 2007

church plant film project

The guys from thinker labs are producing a documentary on church planting in Canada. Right now they are talking with people in Ontario & Quebec

October 9, 2007
Sactuary, Toronto - Greg Paul

October 14, 2007
The FRWY, Hamilton - Pernell Goodyear

October 15, 2007

theGig, Waterloo - Rob Abbot
The Embassy, Waterloo - Dom Ruso

October 16, 2007
Next, Kingston - Garry Castle
Rustle, Kingston - Al Doeseger

October 17, 2007
Ecclesiax, Ottawa - Joseph Moreau
Emerge, Montreal - Nick Brotherwood

October 18, 2007
The Open Door, Montreal - Kim Reid
Curieux, Montreal - David Brazzeal
Gathering Cafe, Montreal - David Manafo

An observation on the location of these church plants:
2 in Waterloo; 2 in Kingston, 4 in Montreal.
Waterloo and Kingston are both University towns, not that there are not universities in Hamilton, Toronto and Ottawa, but the universities are a more dominate feature of Waterloo and Kingston than the others. [although the gig is actually in Kitchener]
But 4 of the churches are in my home town of Montreal. I wonder if this is, at least in part, due to the fact that Quebec is closer to europe in it's thinking, i.e. a little more "post-modern"
Just wondering

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