Sunday, November 11, 2007


  • words and rice
    Here's a way to increase your word power [attention scrabble lovers] and help feed the poor: free rice. It's linked to Thanks to Zachary for the link.

  • rhino party
    The rhino... actually the
    neorhino party is back. Or maybe I'm just a little jaded with our and political system... but you have to love a party with a platform that includes:
    Replace soldiers’ weapons with paintball guns;
    Create a national gas-barbecue registry; and
    replace the Defence Department with a Ministry of Laughter.

    Like the old Rhinos, the party has no clear political ideology except for two deep beliefs: something’s seriously wrong with the state of modern politics, and Canadian public discourse could use a lot more fun.

    "We are a Marxist-Lennonist party -
    based on the philosophy of Groucho Marx and John Lennon,” said party president Francois Gourd.

    Beneath the thick veneer of gags, the party raises a serious
    point: people are so disenchanted with politics that almost 40 per cent of Canadians no longer bother voting in federal elections.
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  • Style
    Jason Salavon's Field Guide to Style & Color, a reproduction of the 2007 Ikea catalog with everything but the structure and color excluded.
  • Map
    A graphic representations of who has the oil.

  • hypercube
    This is too freaking kewl. A tesseract--that is to say--a hypercube. It's the four dimenensional analog of a cube. That is, it is to a cube what a cube is to a square. And this is a 3 dimensional projection (it's shadow) being rotated. It's hard to get your head around becase we not only have the fact that we're trying to imagine the 3 dimensional shadow of a four dimensional object, but we also have the fact that we are attempting to portray that 3 dimensional shadow on your two dimensional computer screen. Someday, I suppose, assuming we find fixes for peak oil and global warming, among other things (peak water?!!?) maybe we'll have holo-monitors for our computers. But not yet. 8-cell-simple.gif
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  • bluetooth
    A great video clip on how to deal with annoying bluetooth phone guys

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