Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dave Billbrough

Dave Bilbrough is the musician behind "Abba Father", "Let Me Be" and a whole bunch more songs. Tall Skinny Kiwi let's us know that it's birthday.
Hear some of his songs on Myspace. Go take a listen.

Here's a great quote off of Dave's site:
There's a song in each one of us that is waiting to be released. The God of all creation, who in His majesty reveals such diversity, called each one of us into being to be special and unique. So often we allow the conditioning of our background or the responses of others to rob us of our God given dreams and stop us releasing who we really are. When we come to Christ we become new creations in him; and it's how God sees us, not how we see ourselves, that really becomes the basis for us to begin to grasp the truth of our new identity. God wants to unlock new capabilities within each believer born by His Spirit, transforming us as we recognise our new life in Him.

Our new identity in Christ is established in an instant. The process and recognising and discovering that new self takes time but as we begin to grasp who we really are in Him so a melody begins to rise, which is very distinct and original to us.

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