Saturday, March 07, 2009

random 86

the breakfast song
"no mo' bacon... no more coffee..." tell me it isn't so... sounds more like hell than heaven!
From the look of the woman backup singer... she is thinking the same thing.
& I love the fact that there is a lame drum beat going on with no drummer.

nifty clocks
With daylight savings time just around the corner, the temptation to simply turn back time is certainly an alluring one. Who wants to lose an hour of sleep, particularly on a chilly Sunday morning, when there are so many winks to still savor. For all of you sleepyheads and music lovers out there, The Grateful Thread’s recycled vinyl wall clocks will make you feel as if time is in your hands with these very cool, retro albums re-fashioned as custom-designed wall pieces.
via inhabit

blue whaleEverything you every wanted to know about the blue whale
via national geographic

church growth
This is not the type of church growth we are after.

X - O
Here's how to play X & O's

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michael lewis said...

Church Growth = √

Breakfast Song = bottom ten worst evangelical tools