Tuesday, March 17, 2009

random 89

Prof Wolfgang Danspeckgruber is chair of the Liechtenstein Institute on self-determination at Princeton University. "Most importantly in that chair I do and have done some of my most important research and writings."
via bbc

after service coffee
via cartoon church

pastor guide for greeting apathetic parishoners
via sacred sandwich

terms of use
avairy has a well writted terms of use statement on their web site - it offers a plain English summary in bullet points alongside the legalese. Why don't more groups do this?

vertigolink to photos

random album cover generator
Create a random album cover link

this would take ages to play even 1 row
tetris HD

movie titles
interesting movie titles / posters if you simply changed one letter
I kind of like Paw and Wallvia worth 1000

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