Wednesday, August 19, 2009

film suggestions

Orillia Community Church [I won't post our web address since we are completely redoing it] is moving from a rental location at Orillia Christina School to our new location at the currently under renovation Cinema4 building at 64 Colborne St.

One of the things we want to do in our new facility is to show some films [church in a movie theatre - makes sense to me]. There will be a number categories of films that we will show:
  • we will have some family friendly nights
  • we may show during Advent - films that focus on the birth of Jesus
  • during Lent we may show films on the life & death of Jesus
  • but we also want to show some films that will cause people to think. & it's this last category that I want your suggestions / ideas. What films would you suggest that have or raise spiritual issues? Some that are currently on the possibility list [in no particular order] are:
Lars and the Real Girl
The Matrix
The Seventh Seal
Babette's Feast
The Shawshank Redemption
The Straight Story
The Mission

If you have some suggestion, please add it in the comments, and add a sentence or 2 as to why you would choose that film... thanks


nadine said...

Life is Beautiful - sacrificial love
Amazing Grace - see title :)

nadine said...

Oh, and Chocolat.

Terry K. said...

Places in the Heart
The Elephant Man
The Truman Show

Scott said...

If your church hasn't already watched it - Fireproof. As well, sherwood productions previous two movies (Facing the Giants and Flywheel) are also worthy of recommendation. The production quality of them isn't amazing (especially Flywheel), but I think the stories more than make up for that. Very uplifting, reflective and inspiring.

Other than that..

Luther - gives a good overview on the reformation and is enjoayable.

Chariots of Fire - A classic that needs no further explanation.

Chronicles of Narnia - Another classic with great opportunity for discussion on how the story parallels Christianity..


In Christ Alone said...

I just watched Grand Torino last night with Clint Eastwood and it is not a family friendly movie but certainly one for the adults. Very edgy and the language is horrendous with racial slurs being frequent and vicious but it shocked me in its poignancy and truth based on a character with all his flaws and goodness. Why, just like all of us!

Preview first. Probably my favourite Eastwood movie so far. :)