Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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100 films
The end of the decade lists have started already - top 100 films: I've seen 26 of them

ttc - the better way?
TTC token hoarding is already becoming a problem and the transit commission has sprung into action with a serious effort to thwart it.

Effective immediately, TTC staffers have been instructed to sell no more than 5 tokens at fare collection booths. Automatic token dispensers in unattended subway entrances will be programmed to deliver just one token. And the worst part of this all? If a fare collector booth run out of tokens, staff have been instructed to charge riders the full fare of $2.75. Is this fare fair?

The stricter limits on token sales come just a few days after the TTC began limiting token purchases to 10 tokens per person.

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apple has a new 1 button mouse... here's an 18 button mousevia wired

some pretty good surfing by matt meola. Follow the link for the video.

catechism humour
The Semi-Pelagian Narrower Catechism

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