Monday, November 23, 2009

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mv doulos
The famous missionary ship MV Doulos will cease operations at the end of this year. This is a great pity but understandable given the age of the ship - its the world's oldest ocean-going passenger ship.
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Earlier this month, ESA's interplanetary Rosetta spacecraft zoomed past the Earth on its way back across the Solar System. Pictured above, Earth showed a bright crescent phase featuring the South Pole to the passing rocket ship.

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homemade aircraft
Some people have interesting hobbies. Jim O'Hara, a retired college professor, learned to fly 21 years ago. Six years later, he began construction of a two-thirds-scale P-38. He's now 81 years old and he and his wife made its maiden cross-country trip three weeks ago.via jalopnik click for more pics.

Jesus' lil' brother
comedian Michael, Jr. on "Jesus' lil' brother"

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nadine bells needs to listen all the way through for the film reference

National Geolographic lighlights some amazng limestone towers in Madagascar. Check out the photos & the article.

kite surfing
Jake Scrace had been waiting for a day with strong winds to attempt a jump over the Worthing Pier in England. When the gusts hit 40mph, he attempted the jump—and made it. He says it should not be attempted by amatuers—really?

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plastic boat
Not all plastics are created equal — and to prove it, a rakish banking heir and a team of young adventurers have built a huge ship out of plastic. Called Plastiki, the 60-foot catamaran’s hull is made of a newly developed plastic that’s easier to recycle than the standard man-made stuff. The boat, as well as the voyage it will eventually undertake across the Pacific, is the conceptual child of David de Rothschild, who toes the line between eco-playboy and serious environmentalist
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