Tuesday, December 01, 2009

christmas songs

Today is December 1... we are into the first week of Advent. I am going to try and post a Christmas song each day... I'm going to aim for mostly non traditional songs or no traditional versions...

I am open to suggestions... so let me know your ideas.


michael lewis said...

Larry Norman, "it's christmastime"

Randy Stonehill, "Christmas at Denny's"

Don Francisco, "christmas song"

Hokus Pick, "christmas song"

Spinal Tap, "christmas with the devil"

(ok, yeah, I just typed "christmas" into my iTunes library)

Walking Church said...


Limit your playlist Mr D.J. to 'songs' that only have 'Jesus' or 'Christ' in the title or lyrics - in a praise worthy meaning.

Bet you will fall short of your goal.

Margarete said...

Boar's head carol, I wonder as I wander, sussex carol, in the bleak midwinter, the holly and the ivy and Good Christian men rejoice