Friday, September 03, 2010

another cyclist killed

Bill Bean who writes for The Record in Waterloo reports that:

A cyclist was hit from behind and killed on University Avenue in Waterloo... (Wednesday, Sept. 1). According to this report in the Record, a male rider was hit while riding east on University Avenue near Westmount, where there is a designated bicycle lane, at about 2:30pm.
I know that section of road well... road it hundreds of times when we lived in Waterloo.

In a follow up article the Record reports that:
No charges have been laid in connection with the crash, but police are still investigating.
Despite the fact that David was struck while riding in a marked lane for cyclists, bike advocates in the region say they're still a safe option for sharing the road. Jesse Robertson of Recycle Cycle said it's driver attitude that needs to change if the road is going to be safe for all types of vehicles.
"In some cases it's outright aggression to the idea that cyclists are on the road at all or just a general lack of awareness," Robertson said.
"Whether there are segregated bike lanes or not, it's important drivers are aware that there are cyclists on the road and they have the right to be on the road, and are, in fact, legally required to be on road."
witch on a bicycle reports:
In this case, the bike lane made no difference in the wreck, the driver was looking at the floor with his head under the dashboard, while in motion (I won’t say driving because he wasn’t driving, just sitting behind the steering wheel in a moving car).
If that report holds true and the cyclist was in the bike lane, then I trust that an appropriate judgment will be rendered, too often, bicycle deaths are not taken seriously.

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