Thursday, November 22, 2012

spiritual formation

Robert Mulholland Jr. wrote a great little book in 1993,entitled, Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation. In it, he writes about spiritual formation, which he defines as:
The process of
being conformed
to the image of Christ
for the sake of others.

Here's an excerpt:
I do not know what your perception of Christian discipleship might be, but much contemporary Christian spirituality tends to view the spiritual life as a static possession rather than a dynamic and ever-developing growth toward wholeness in the image of Christ. When spirituality is viewed as a static possession, the way to spiritual wholeness is seen as the acquisition of information and techniques that enable us to gain possession of the desired state of spirituality. Discipleship is perceived as "my" spiritual life and tend be defined by actions that ensure its possession. Thus the endless quest for techniques, methods, programs by which we hope to "achieve" spiritual fulfillment. The hidden premise behind all of this is the unquestioned assumption that we alone are in control of our spirituality. In brief, we assume we are in control of our relationship with God.
When spirituality is viewed as a journey, however, the way to spiritual wholeness is seen to lie in an increasingly faith response to the One whose purpose shapes our path, whose grace redeems our detours, whose power liberates us from crippling bondages of the prior journey and who transforming presence meets us at each turn in the road. In other words, wholistic spirituality is a pilgrimage of deepening responsiveness to God's control of our life and being.
Some thoughts well worth reflecting on. 

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