Saturday, September 08, 2007

random 22

  • Janice has been playing Tetris on the GameBoy... not quite as good as this guy... TGM HOLiC aka Jin8 playing TGM3. He's the best tetris ds player in the world. it's slow in the beginning. insanely fast near the end. speed increases at 3mins.

  • google maps mania often has some good mashups. This link has some good ones, including: F1 Grand Prix Circuits; Google Earth Flight Simulator hints; and Meta Map Mashup. The producer, Mike Pegg, lives in Waterloo.

  • Top 15 igoogle gadgets

  • Triangles play follow the leader. Drag any triangle.

  • translation problems A direct chinese translation of episode III: revenge of the sith into english (or some form thereof)...
    aside from the counters on the top of the screen and a distorted perspective it was ok- not high quality but watchable. the captions were a hilarious surprise- a direct english translation of the chinese interpretation of what the script was saying. it varied from being somewhat close to the script to being 'far far away'.... the translation is so bad it it good... check out the site, I only have a couple of slides here.

    'the backstroke of the west'

    this seemed completely random until i figured out that 'jedi council' was being translated into chinese then back to english as 'the presbyterian church' - all you presybyterians will be glad to know that

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