Thursday, November 22, 2007

random 34

  • my cuppa coffee colour matching cup... it would be so much simpler if everyone drank their coffee black and their tea clear - the way God intended.
  • Bedazzled has an old black and white video of the Beatles sitting on a plank laid across two sawhorses, lip syncing to Help! The umbrella doesn't do a good job of catching the fake snow. Link

  • optical illusions and other visual phenomena: link

  • Crash test video of a Smart Car hitting a wall at 70 mph. Compare with these tests of a pair of Chinese sedans. Ouch. via kottke Those Smart Cars are small... but are well designed.

  • boost your wi-fi attenna for pennies. Looks pretty slick... worth a try if you are trying to use your laptop in the backyard.... next spring!

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