Sunday, March 15, 2009

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deep step well
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boxed water"better than plastic" still isn't necessarily good.
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NDP is going green?

Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton says Canada needs to take an environmentally friendly approach to job creation to get out the recession.
And this is the guy who ties his votes to the auto industry.

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mad cow disease
The Americans have complained about Mad Cow Disease for years. Yet, they don't test their own cows.
Mad Cow Disease has been discovered in the US. Given the fact that the USDA only tests one cow out of every 2,000, no one really knows how many of these infected animals may have already entered the human food supply.
organic consumers

media shift
phil cooke summarizes some numbers from writer Sharon Waxman about where the media is going today:
The amount of video content created by YouTube users, for free, for six months is more than broadcast producers created in more than 60 years of professional, paid programming. YouTube uploads around 9,232 hours of new video each day. Think about that a bit. At the same time, traditional broadcast TV viewership declined 8% last year - which is significant because since the 80's the decline has only been about 1-2% each year. That means change has kicked in at a whole new level in the last year. DVD sales fell 9% in the United States in 2008. Movie theater attendance declined 5% in 2008.
What are the implications of this shift for the church and ministry?



how do make a chalk drawing
I've posted photos of amazing chalk / sidewalk drawings before... here's how they do it

phil harbridge

solar panels
Constructing a large array of solar panels in the Sahara desert can provide enough electricity to supply all the power needs of the entire Europe, a research expert said this week.
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artificial owl
The most fascinating abandoned man-made creations. Someon interesting photos.
artificial owl

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