Saturday, September 25, 2010

random 132

library desk
now I know what do to with all my books that I don't have enough shelving for

via recyclart

An intersting interview: William Gibson and the Future of the Future by Douglas Gorney
the Atlantic




God is not a white man
flannegraph style video [& I know some of you love flannelgraph] by Michael Gungor

link via groans from within

dymaxion car

Three-quarters of a century after the last of the original models rolled off the production line, the Dymaxion Car lives again. The new car was commissioned by Norman Foster, the British architect of such modern landmarks as Beijing Airport, the new Reichstag in Berlin and the “Gherkin” in London. A passionate car collector, he undertook the project as a labor of love and an homage to Buckminster Fuller.
via thinking for a living

farmville vs farming
I do not play farmville, [so don't send me a invite] but my brother-in-law is a real life farmer
check out this graphic via mashable

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