Monday, September 20, 2010

rocks or cats

Which makes a better pet: rock or cat?
Geoff Surratt asked himself that question and came up with rock:
  1. Rocks never poop in my house. Ever.
  2. Rocks don't shed
  3. Rocks don't hide for 3 days and then act like it's my fault they're hungry when they finally turn up
  4. Rocks don't make my friends sneeze when they visit
  5. Rocks will do tricks like sit, stay, roll over.
  6. Rocks don't shred things
  7. Rocks food is practically free
  8. Rocks never have pebbles
  9. Rocks don't run up huge bills at the vet
  10. Rocks don't irritate the other rocks
The only reason a cat might be a better pet than a rock
  1. You can't eat a rock
Can you think of any other reason to have a cat?

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