Sunday, March 02, 2008

Larry Norman

Stephen Shields provides this faith maps - metamap to Larry Norman links.

Dan Sheffield posts this reflection on the Larry Norman funeral:
"a quick description from someone who was there:What a gathering! Perhaps 500 (?) of us poured into a church in Salem this morning to pay our respects to Larry. As we entered we were handed 'circus programs' (instead of a boring pamphlet) that read: Larry Norman Presents: A Going Away Party.

It was a gathering of friends, family and fans alike. As people caught up with one another organ music filled the air. Then, all of a sudden: SCREEEEEEETCH! It was the sound of a record player needle ripping across vinyl.
'I ain't knocking the hymns,
Just give me a song that has a beat.
I ain't knocking the hymns,
Just give me a song that moves my feet.
I don't like none of those funeral marches
I ain't dead yet!'
What followed was a wonderful montage of music, photographs, and videos of Larry throughout his life. Friends and family spoke and there were a few performances. After it was all over we ate hot dogs, popcorn and Cracker Jacks! A party. Just like Larry wanted."

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michael lewis said...

It's still quite a bit to take it all in.

Sure, everyone is going to die some day, but that knowledge doesn't always make it easier.

I suppose that had I been old enough to know Keith Green when he died, I would have had similar emotions.