Friday, March 07, 2008


my friend has been posting some old clips...
andre crouch
Jesus Christ Superstar and more here

I posted some Phil Keaggy here
how about Phil with hair - Glass Harp in 1972


Walking Church said...

All I can say man is 'Psychedelic'!

Walking Church said...

Oh ya - Peace Man. What out for the establishment man be sure to drop out and turn in. That's cool man.

michael lewis said...

I saw Phil Keaggy a few years ago in Calgary, as a solo show, which included numerous guitars.

Likely the BEST show I've ever seen. Ever.

And I've seen both Larry Norman and Glenn Kaiser. Not together, but within a couple weeks of each other.

One of my favourite albums is 2nd Chapter of Acts and Phil Keaggy on tour, live, from 1977, "How the West was One". One of the songs is basically a Keaggy jam for 16 minutes, where he sings along with what he plays on the guitar. I'm telling you, this is some of the most amazing guitar playing EVER. And it's great on headphones.

Likely out of print now. Copies can be obtained by contacting me. (Come on! I'm spreading the gospel!)

michael lewis said...

on coffee has verified that this album is out-of-print.

For a limited time only....

available here, from me.